AlphaSphere Deluxe

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  • Alternative Therapy

    For people who want to relax, strengthen their physical and psychological equilibrium and enhance their perceptions, whilst enjoying sensory pleasure.

    Alphasphere deluxe is an extraordinary and unique sensory experience for mental relaxation and empowerment that induces deep relaxation. It incorporates sound therapy, colour therapy, aromatherapy and vibration to promote deep relaxation and regenerate the body and mind.

    You have your own pod, which is a lounger made from fiberglass which is illuminated and surrounded by a white see-through curtain. It is your own private space which takes you through a sensory journey where you will hear sounds. The intensity of the sound waves causes gentle vibrations which you feel through your body and there is illuminating lighting above from the cocoon. This sensory journey promotes mental balance and activates your self-healing abilities.

    Independent studies have shown positive effects on stress reduction and concentration.

    The award-winning SenSpa is the first spa and wellness destination in the UK to offer the AlphaSphere DELUXE, by the Austrian artist and innovator SHA.

    The benefits of the Alphasphere experience include:

    • Harmonsing breathing and loosen tight muscles
    • Lower heart rate and high blood pressure
    • Reduce levels of stress hormones
    • Develop inner strength and balance
    • Stimulate imagination and inspiration
    • Provide a feeling of comfort and contentment


    There are five different Alphasphere programmes which provide various outcomes based on your requirements:

    Blue programme is balancing and calming. The perfect entry. 25 minutes

    Pink programme is soft, gentle and inspiring. For the sentimental moment. 25 minutes

    Red programme is to strengthen and enhance. For a deep sensation. 25 minutes

    Orange programme is to energise and revitalise. Recharge with new power. 25 minutes


    Please note: This treatment is not suitable for anyone who wears a pacemaker or has epilepsy.

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