Aromatic Detox Massage

From: £85.00

  • Detox Treatment

    This treatment is for anyone that is slimming or wants to improve problem skin and the appearance of cellulite.  This light pressure massage is perfect if you feel your body is in need of a detox.

    This light pressure spa massage treatment is ideal for those detoxing or slimming.

    Using classic lymphatic spa massage techniques, your lymph nodes are stimulated to drain excess fluid and reduce toxins. Water retention is one of the biggest challenges to overcome when slimming and this spa massage is the perfect solution to alleviate the effects of cellulite and the signs of bloating.

    For an especially effective slimming treatment, combine this spa massage with the detoxifying Yin Yang Detox Algae Body Wrap to kick start your detox.

    Not suitable for:

    • Lymphatic disorders
    • Acute inflammation
    • Colds or Flu
    • Major heart problems
    • Cancer

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