SKN-RG® Organics Facial

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    Quanta® technology fused formulations with pure ingredients provide a nurturing, soothing and hydrating facial.

    Designed to melt away the signs of ageing. Created with sensitivity in mind. These unique techniques bring balance, clarity, deep rejuvenation and lift. Quanta® energised and combined with SKN-RG’s enveloping semi precious gem stone Rose Quartz dermal roller*, to capture and drain the skins toxins to reveal the ultimate in timeless vitality. Fine lines are minimised, skin is plumped, wrinkles are diminished whilst the triggers of redness and sensitivity are halted. *Non invasive.

    Starting with a gentle cleanse of marshmallow and comfrey to detoxify and purify the skin before an exfoliation with key adaptogens, including rice and mushroom extracts, to remove dead skin cells as well as reduce inflammation. The unique combination of ingredients evens skins tone. A mask follows to nourish fragile skin at a cellular level and clarify the pores. Unique SKN-RG® firming massage fight the signs of ageing, whilst boosting the production of collagen fibres. This is followed with a crystal massage to promote beauty and rejuvenation. The treatment finishes with a toner, specific skin treatment, moisturiser and lip balm. A truly relaxing and nurturing facial, leaving you revitalised.

    Suitable for: All, fragile, sensitive skins dry, eczema, cracked, sore, anti-ageing.

    Not suitable for:

    • Contagious skin infections of the head, face and neck
    • Eye infections
    • Severe acne


    The SKN-RG® Organics Facial Includes:

    • 60 minute treatment
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